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Harrison Family History

Welcome to the Harrison Family History blog. 

The following is my family history down to my grandparents. 

1.  Joseph HARRISON (1707-1780) married Jane HODGSON (?-1743) sometime after 1730 (her father's will - William HODGSON - dated December 1730 lists her as Jane Hodgson - while the deed that settles the will in 1737 lists her as Jane Harrison).  Returns of Roman Catholics made for Anglican Archbishop Blackburn and dated 21 Sep 1735, do list Joseph and Jane HARRISON in the parish of Whitby.  Joseph is described as a mariner.  This is confirmed in an indenture in the North Yorkshire Deeds Registry from 1737 which lists him as a ship's carpenter.  A James Harrison, mariner, witnessed the document as well (a relative? - however there is no James Harrison on the 1735 recusant list).  On May 3, 1738 Joseph Harrison, using the proxy of John Peirson of Egton, purchased present day High Whins Farm (then called Pearson's Farm) in Newton Mulgrave township for £225 (did Joseph Harrison use a proxy because he was Catholic and afraid that the land could be taken by the government given his illegal faith?).  In 1741 the burial of his daughter Dorothy was recorded in the parish register for St. Mary's (Anglican) church in Whitby on August 31, 1741 as follows: Dorothy daughter of Joseph HARRISON of Tranmire dying at Whitby.  In 1745 Joseph and his family were still living in Newton Mulgrave township, parish of Lythe as they are included there on the recusant list of 1745.   Joseph HARRISON next appears on the recusant list of 1767 aged 60 years (this suggests a birth year of 1707).  The list also states that he has lived in the township of Newton Mulgrave, parish of Lythe, for 12 years but we know this is a mistake as he purchased the land in 1738.    

Jane HODGSON died in April 1743 as recorded in the Whitby Anglican Parish Register as the wife of Joseph HARRISON, husbandman, Whitby. Why the listing in Whitby is unknown.  It must be a mistake (?) as we know they were living in Tranmire, parish of Lythe by 1741. 

Joseph HARRISON of High Whins (the one on the left) died and was buried at Egton on April 18, 1780.  His will dated February 18, 1780, and passed almost exactly one year later on April 7, 1781 lists his three children; as well as his son Henry's "four children"; his son Joseph's "seven children" and his daughter Elizabeth GARBUT; as well as his brother John.  The following bequests are granted:  Both Henry and Joseph are given the farms they currently occupied in Tranmire in the township of Newton Mulgrave.  Their living children are to be given £5 each when they "attain the ages" of 21 years.  Henry is further granted £15 owed to his father Joseph by his brother John.   Elizabeth GARBUT is granted £1.  Joseph Jr.'s daughter Mary is specifically mentioned and left a bed. 

Joseph and Jane had four known children:

  • Henry (1734-1812)  He was baptized by Father Monox Hervey, Roman Catholic priest at Ugthorpe, on November 19, 1734. Mary HODGSON was Godmother and was identified as the child's aunt.   Henry would later marry Hannah DALE.
  • Elizabeth (1735- ?).  married to William ? Garbut.  Elizabeth GARBUTT was mentioned in her father's will of 1780.
  • Dorothy (?-1741)  Dorothy died and was buried in the cemetery at St. Mary's Anglican Church in Whitby on August 31, 1741.
  • Joseph (1738-1815) married Mary DALE (sister of Hannah DALE)

2.  Joseph HARRISON (c1738-1815) married Mary DALE (1740-1816) at Lythe on May 26, 1761.  Witnesses were Thomas MILBURN, George DALE and William GARBUTT.  They first appear on the recusant list of 1767.   Joseph Harrison and Mary Dale are both listed as 25 years old (which would give them a birth year of 1742 if correct). Joseph is listed as a farmer resident in the township for 25 years (so essentially lived in the township for his entire life).  They next appear on the recusant list of 1780 for Lythe as follows:  Joseph and Mary Harrison with sons John, George,  Joseph and William; and daughters Mary, Alice, Dorothy and Jane. (This is one more than the "seven" noted in Joseph Harrison's will of 1780 so one additional child was born between February 18, 1780 when the will was written and September 1780 when the recusant list was dated).  In his mss Hearts of Oak, Leslie O'Connor noted that:  

"It appears that at some time after their fathers death, Henry and Joseph may have separated the former remaining in the Tranmire area occupying the farms at Redmires and Whins, whilst the latter with his wife Mary, moved to Mickleby, two or three miles nearer the coast. This is evident from a careful analysis of the Ugthorpe Easter Communion records over the period 1795-1827, in the first of which a Joseph and Mary are shown and continue to be shown till 1804 when a move to Barnby is noticed. It is possible, however, that the entries refer to a Joseph Junior and his wife."

Joseph HARRISON of Barnby died in 1815 and is buried in Lythe and his wife Mary DALE died the following year in 1816 and was buried with him.

Joseph and Mary DALE had the following known children:
  • Mary - would be the eldest daughter if 1780 recusant list is in order of age.  This looks to be correct as her grandfather specifically mentioned her in his will and left her a bed - a valuable piece of furniture in the 18th century.  Was she about to get married and so needed one for her own household?
  • John - (c 1765-?) - the 1780 recusant list has a son John listed near the beginning of the list which suggests he is one of the older sons.  If the John who married Elizabeth LENNARD at Lythe in 1814 is their son then this John must have died. Or he did marry and the John born circa 1789 is his son making him a grandson of Joseph HARRISON and Mary DALE.
  • Alice (c 1768-1826) - married Solomon HARKER on August 29, 1789.  She died in 1826 and is buried at Lythe.  Only one child is known from this marriage - Jane HARKER born in 1791 who married George MARSAY on February 3, 1811 at Lythe and had a large family.
  • George (c 1776-1840) - married Ann LENNIT, at Whitby, on 14 Apr 1804.  Four children are recorded in the Lythe parish register: John in 1804, Mary Ann in 1808, Elizabeth in 1812 and Hannah in 1814. The family lived at Whins and deeds copied in the North Yorkshire Deeds Register indicate that George Harrison was a tenant on the same farm that Joseph Harrison previously owned (and then rented).  George died in July 1840 when a horse and cart fell on him and is buried in the cemetery at St. Oswald's Anglican Church at Lythe.  The inscription on the stone read: “In memory of John son of George & Ann HARRISON a promising youth who was unfortunately killed by a thrashing machine 18 Nov 1824 aged 19 yrs. 4 line verse. Also the above George HARRISON who d 6 Jul 18(40?) aged 60 yrs. Also Ann his wife who d - line illegible”.    
  • Joseph - (1775-1825).  There is a burial for a Joseph HARRISON of Barnby in the Lythe Parish Register that could well be the son of Joseph Harrison and Mary Dale.
  • William - (c. 1780 - May 2, 1836) married Mary HUTCHINSON in Egton on January 24, 1804.  Later lived in Egton township at Murkside - immigrated to Canada in April 1831 (see below).
  • Dorothy - ?
  • Jane - did she marry a George DALE on January 14, 1815 at Lythe? The witnesses were Johane HARKER and William ELAND. 
  • Hannah (c 1782- 1849) - I believe that Hannah was the sister of William Harrison 1780-1836 as both he and Joseph READMAN were witnesses at her marriage to Isaac LINTON at Egton on April 21, 1829.  She was born circa 1785 and so was born after the 1780 recusant list was made.
  • John - (c 1789-1816), married Elizabeth LENNARD of Lythe, spinster, on 31 Jan 1814. Witnesses were George HARRISON and Matthew HARRISON.  This Matthew HARRISON is none other than the mysterious Matthew HARRISON who died in 1884 and is buried at St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church in Wildfield, here in Canada.  His signature on documents in Canada matches the one in the marriage register in Lythe.  Only one child - John HARRISON was the product of this marriage before John's death in 1816.  According to their marriage license John HARRISON was a mariner from Hinderwell parish and therefore probably based at Staithes.  Is this John as son of Joseph HARRISON and Mary DALE?  She would have been about 50 years old when she had him.  Or is it a grandson of Joseph HARRISON and Mary DALE through one of their older children?

3. William Harrison (c 1780 - May 2, 1836) married Mary Hutchinson (May 13, 1782 - August 17, 1856) at Egton Anglican Church on January 24, 1804. The witnesses were Joseph Readman and William Hutchinson.  Under the Marriage Act of 1753 only marriages performed by the Church of England were considered legal. They were no doubt married the same day by the priest at the Roman Catholic Chapel in Egton Bridge. Mary was the daughter of John and Margaret Hutchinson of Egton Township. John Hutchinson was a tailor.  Her birth date of May 13, 1782 was registered with the Anglican Church in Egton.  William Hutchinson who was a witness at the wedding was her brother.  

When he married Mary Hutchinson in 1804 in Egton both were listed as being of that parish.   William and his family lived at Murkside in Egton township.  Various clues suggest it was Murkside Farm (as opposed to Murkside House which appears to have been the long time farm of the Hodgson family).  The area gets its name from the Murkside Esk that flows northerly into the Esk River.  William and Mary raised their family at Murkside attending the nearby Roman Catholic Chapel in Egton Bridge.  The original chapel was built in 1798 and is now a school (a new church was built beside it in 1867 long after William Harrison and his family had left).  William Harrison was listed here in 1824 in tax assessment records for Egton township (assessed with an annual value of over £49); and was still in this location in 1826 as they are listed in the  Easter Communion List for the Roman Catholic Chapel at Egton Bridge.  I would also note that the family of John Readman 1742-1826 and Sarah Dowson 1740-1824 also lived in Murkside.  Their son Joseph Readman 1781-1843 was the best man at William Harrison's wedding to Mary Hutchinson in 1804; and along with William Harrison witnessed the marriage with William's sister Hannah to Isaac Linton in Egton in 1829.  Joseph Readman (and his brother William) also immigrated to Canada and settled on the lot just south of William Harrison in Toronto Gore township before dying there in 1843 intestate.  William Harrison was a witness on the will of Joseph's father John Readman who died in 1826.

The family immigrated to Canada on board the 380 ton King William which left Whitby on April 11, 1831 with about 300 passengers for Quebec. This is confirmed by my research in the 1831 editions of the Quebec Mercury newspaper which lists the King William leaving Whitby on April 11, 1831 and arriving in Quebec City with 271 settlers on May 22, 1831; and Richard Weatherill's The Ancient Port of Whitby and its Shipping, published in 1908 that confirms the information in the Quebec Mercury. Upon their arrival in Canada they would have taken another ship to Montreal and then from there to the Town of York (Toronto).  The King William was a new ship which was launched on March 7, 1831 at Whitby built for Mr N Campion and Mr R Campion of Whitby.   The journey to Quebec was its maiden voyage.

The family then settled in Toronto Gore Township, Peel County, Upper Canada (present day City of Brampton) north west of present day Toronto. William purchased Lot 8, Concession 9, Toronto Gore Township, 100 acres, from John Beikie, first clerk of the Executive Council in the city of Toronto and the original Crown patent holder, on June 5, 1835 for £75. Though the purchase of the property was not made until 1835 the Harrison family had settled on this property in 1831, as proven by the fact that they were noted in this location by John Dixon in his letter of 1832. I believe that the location of St. Patrick's Roman Catholic church, established in 1830 a short distance to the north, was a critical factor in the selection of this lot by William Harrison. 

Interestingly William Porter in his mss History of Claireville, written in 1910, stated that "a half mile north" of John Dark's tavern in Claireville where "one Joseph Champlin kept his hostelry in good old Yorkshire Style" the settlement was named Egton.   Egton would be located at the corner of present day Clarkway Drive and Highway 50 in the present day City of Brampton. This is the only reference that I have come across for the Egton name outside of North Yorkshire suggesting that a number of families from Egton settled in the area.  Claireville was located at the intersection of Toronto Gore Township, Peel County and Etobicoke Township, York County. Remnants of the old hamlet of Claireville still exist close to present day Steeles Avenue West and Highway 50 centered on Codlin Crescent in the City of Toronto. 

The surviving baptismal records for the Roman Catholic Chapel in Egton Bridge (built in 1798) only begin in 1813 and Catholic families were generally no longer baptizing or registering their children in the Anglican Church in Egton at that time.  A note in the Egton Anglican Church records states that the Catholics had not been baptizing their children there since 1781 (though a few families did register their children).  The names of children born before 1813 are noted below and are taken from the 1826 Easter Communion list for the Roman Catholic Chapel at Egton Bridge.
William Harrison and Mary Hutchinson had the following known children: 
  • Joseph - ?  The only mention I can find of this child is in the 1826 Easter Communion list for the Roman Catholic Chapel in Egton Bridge.  
  • John - ?  The only mention I can find of this child is in the 1826 Easter Communion list for the Roman Catholic Chapel in Egton Bridge. 
  • Alice - ?  The only mention I can find of this child is in the 1826 Easter Communion list for the Roman Catholic Chapel in Egton Bridge.  
  • George (1809-1855) married Faith –later Mary- LINTON (bap June 17, 1804, Goathland, North Yorkshire, England - January 1884) on December 15, 1829, in Goathland (Parish of Pickering) (Church of England), North Yorkshire, England.  Esther Linton, Faith's sister was the witnesses.  Faith changed her name to Mary when she made her "profession of faith" and converted to Catholicism on June 17, 1837. Faith was the daugher of Thomas LINTON and Mary LOWNSBROUGH.  Her brothers Brian and Moses also immigrated to Canada.  Faith's brother Isaac married William Harrison's sister Hannah (Ann) at Egton in April 1829.  George and his family originally lived in Toronto Gore township but later moved to King Township in York County.  He was included in the 1826 Easter Communion list for the Catholic Chapel in Egton Bridge.  He would have been 17 years old then.
  • William (1812-1849) married Mary O'CONNOR, April 19, 1838 at St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church, Wildfield, Peel County. William Harrison died on March 11, 1849.  Mary O'CONNOR remarried Edward GALVIN at St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church, Wildfield on January 27, 1864 though her four sons soon sent Edward on his way.   The extant baptismal records of the Catholic Chapel in Egton Bridge only begin in 1813.  He was included in the 1826 Easter Communion list for the Catholic Chapel in Egton Bridge.  He would have been 14 years old then.
  • Ann (1813- before 1827) was baptised at the Roman Catholic Chapel at Egton Bridge on January 14, 1813.  The sponsors were James Harrison and Dorothy Roe.   She must have died before 1827 when the second Ann was born but no burial or death record has been found in Egton for her. 
  • Margaret (1814-1891) was baptised at the Roman Catholic Chapel at Egton Bridge on August 19, 1814.  Sponsors were William Hutchinson, Mary Hutchinson's brother and Agnes Readman.  She married George JACKSON on June 23, 1836 at St. James Cathedral (Church of England) Toronto - and then at St. Paul's Roman Catholic Church, Toronto on January 10, 1837 no doubt at the insistence of her mother. George and Margaret left Canada and immigrated to the United States in 1871 settling in Troy, Missouri, north west of St. Louis. 
  • Mary (1818 - ?) was baptized at the Roman Catholic Chapel at Egton Bridge on February 8, 1818.  The sponsor's were William Harrison and Ann Harrison.  I do not have any additional information on Mary or know what happened to her.   Did she marry?  The marriage records for St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church in Wildfield are well documented from 1830 but there is no marriage for her.  There is however a Mary Harrison about the same age who married John Maw on October 7, 1846 in Etobicoke Township.  This marriage was by a Wesleyan Minister and her witness was a William Harrison. Is this her?  Or did she die?  It is possible as the burial records for St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church in Wildfield are very poor.
  • Jane (1820-1901) married James MIDDLETON on February 27, 1838 at St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church, Wildfield, Peel County (though for some reason her name is recorded as Jean).  No baptism has been found in the Roman Catholic Chapel records for Egton Bridge.
  • Matthew (1821-1887) was baptised at the Roman Catholic Chapel at Egton Bridge on March 10, 1821.  However no first name or sponsors are listed.  He was married twice.  First to Ann HEWGILL and then after her death to Winnifred BULGER. 
  • Ann (c1827-1855) no baptismal record is found for her baptism at the Roman Catholic Chapel at Egton Bridge (there are a few for 1827 and entries for 1828 are missing).  She married James C. SMYTH on July 20, 1841 at St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church, Wildfield, Peel County.  She died and was buried at St. Patrick's Roman Catholic cemetery, Wildfield in January 1855. The age on her tombstone is 27 years which suggests she was born in circa 1827.   

William HARRISON died in May 1836 and was buried at St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church cemetery at Wildfield, Peel County, Ontario.  The age of 55 years on his tombstone suggests a birth year of 1780 or 1781.  

An educated and literate man himself, he made specific mention in his will that his executor William Harrison, provide his younger brother Matthew with "reasonable schooling until of age."   

Four years after his death his widow Mary HUTCHINSON married Thomas SMYTH on April 27, 1840 at St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church, Wildfield, Peel County. 

4. Matthew HARRISON (1821 - January 6, 1887) m. 1. Ann HEWGILL (August 9, 1829 - July 17, 1869) (converted to Catholicism on June 17, 1869) on May 20, 1849 in St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church, Wildfield, Peel County. They were married a second time by a Wesleyan Minister on July 1, 1849.  Ann HEWGILL died of consumption on July 17, 1869 and was buried on the Matthew Harrison farm on Lot 9, Concession 10, Toronto Gore Township along with a child. The cemetery was protected and preserved as part of the residential development of the property. It is a mystery why she was buried here but I speculate that there was a dispute between the Harrison and Hewgill families over her last resting place. Given that she only converted to Catholicism one month before her death I am guessing that Matthew Harrison wanted her buried in St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Cemetery in Wildfield and her father William Hewgill wanted her buried at the Hilltop Gore Methodist Cemetery. Burial on the farm seems to have been a compromise for all concerned. The cemetery can be viewed here. Ann Hewgill's white marble tombstone lying flat on the ground can be easily seen under the tree in the centre - part of the original apple orchard. When the city of Brampton landscaped the cemetery they cut down the old apple tree being removed (contrary to what I was told me). 

Matthew Harrison originally owned 100 acres on Lot 9, Concession 10, Toronto Gore Township where he built his house. Later he acquired another 100 acres of Part Lots 14 and 15, Concession 10, Toronto Gore Township. Part Lots 14 and 15, Concession 10 would be given to his son William Harrison (my great grandfather). Matthew Harrison and Ann Hewgill had the following children: 
  • Mary Elizabeth (1850-1904) m. Martin BRYNE at St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church, Wildfield, Peel County. They had 11 children. 
  • unnamed twins - lived 2 days (referred to in a letter by William Hewgill).
  • William (1854-1923) m. 1. Julia Ann O'BRIEN, m. 2 Mary Jane BRYNE. 
  • John Francis (1857-1858) 
  • Ann Jane (1860-1943) m. Thomas O'BRIEN on February 6, 1883 at St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church, Wildfield, Peel County. They lived in Huron County near Clinton, Ontario and had 6 children. 
  • Unnamed child (1869-1869) buried on Lot 9, Concession 10, Toronto Gore Township with Ann HEWGILL (only one grave shaft was found during the archaeological investigation of the cemetery). 
Matthew HARRISON married his second wife, Winnifred BULGER on November 7, 1869 at St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church, Wildfield, Peel County. Winnifred was the daughter of James BULGER and Ann CULLITON. They had the following children: 
  • Alice Josephine (1870-1937) m. John James KEHOE on February 23, 1892 at St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church, Wildfield. They had 7 children (including 2 priests and 1 nun). 
  • Theresa (1872-?) She could have been registered as "Eliza" when she was born on March 26, 1872. There is a birth registration of a daughter of Matthew Harrison and Winnifered Bulger for this date with this name. She married William DAVIS on January 31, 1894 in St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church, Wildfield. In the 1911 Census they had 6 children.
  • Agnes Loretto (1873-1963) - never married. 
  • John Francis (1875-1954) m. Mary ROBINSON on May 6, 1895 at St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church, Wildfield, Peel County. They had 7 children. Upon his father's death John inherited the 100 acres of Lot 9, Concession 10. However, due to bad investments in the late 1920s he became indebted to his brother-in-law John James Kehoe. In the early 1930s John James Kehoe took over the property in payment of the debt. John Francis Harrison remained on the farm until he retired in 1943 when he held an auction to sell all this farm produce and equipment.  He then moved to Brampton and died there in 1954.  Mary Robinson died in Brampton in 1956.  The property would remain in the Kehoe family well after the death of John James Kehoe in 1950.  His executors held the property until the late 1950s before selling it.
  • Charles Augustus (1878-1898) - never married.  Charles died of appendicitis when he was 21 years of age.  
  • Emanuel (1879-?) m. Mary HORAN at St. John the Evangelist Roman Catholic Church, Albion Township, Peel County on October 6, 1903 and them moved to Rochester, New York where he worked on the railway.  In the 1910 US census he is living at 56 Barnum Street in Rochester.  By the 1920 US census he is living not too far away at 1 Greenleaf Street in Rochester, New York.  They had the following children: Henry (b. 1906, California), Theodore (b. 1908, New York), Mary (b. 1911, New York), Helena (b. 1915, New York) and Alma (b. 1918, New York). He and his family were living at the same location in the 1930 and 1940 census. 
  • Mary Helena (1882-?) m. Bernard CAMPBELL on January 16, 1907 at St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church, Wildfield 
  • still born male child - twin of Mary Helena (1882-1882) 
Matthew Harrison died on January 6, 1887 and is buried in St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Cemetery in Wildfield. I have not been able to locate a death registration for him. According to her death registration, Winnifred Bulger died on February 19, 1921 of old age. She is buried in St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Cemetery, Wildfield. 

5. William HARRISON (February 28, 1852- June 22, 1923) m. 1. Julia Ann O'BRIEN (1855 - February 24, 1882) on March 12, 1881 at St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church, Dixie, Peel County.  Julia was the daughter of Christopher O'Brien of Etobicoke Township, York County.  According to her death registration Julia died of septicemia 10 days after the birth of her daughter Mary Clare. When Julia died she was buried in the Fifth Line Cemetery (also known as Elmbank Cemetery). The cemetery later became landlocked within the grounds of the Malton Airport (now Pearson International Airport). Though many opposed it (including me), the cemetery was "closed" in 2005 to allow for further expansion of the airport and the 634 remains were excavated and re interred at Assumption Catholic Cemetery on Tomken Road just south of Derry Road East in Mississauga. The remains were placed in a dedicated section at the east end of the cemetery with a ceremonial plaque listing all the names of those buried there. From the excavations it was possible to identify a number of the remains but unfortunately Julia Ann O'Brien was not one of them. William had 100 acres of land on the west side of present day Clarkway Drive south of Mayfield Road. He sold this circa 1906 and moved to the north east corner of Dixie Road and Dundas Street in Toronto Township (present day City of Mississauga) where he operated a market garden. They had one child: 
  • Mary Clare (February 14, 1882 - April 23, 1932) m. Thomas COLLINS on May 5, 1908 at St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church. They had no children.  
William Harrison married his second wife, Mary Jane BRYNE (1857 - August 31, 1932) at St. John the Evangelist Roman Catholic Church, Arthur, Ontario on June 11, 1883. Mary Jane Bryne was the daughter of James and Ann Bryne. William Davis and Lizzie Bryne were the witnesses. The marriage registration writes "Bryne" as "Burns". Mary Jane Byrne was a cousin of William's.  Her family was originally from Toronto Gore Township. According to his death registration, William Harrison died on June 22, 1923 of cystitis. It indicates that he was buried in Port Credit. According to her death registration, Mary Jane Bryne died on August 31, 1932.  

They had the following children:
  • Matthew Joseph (August 2, 1884 - 1946) m. Anne Loretto KELLY on November 22, 1916 at St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church, Port Credit, Peel County Annie was born in Streetsville and was the daughter of William KELLY and Anna MCKEOWN. Witnesses to the marriage were James Francis Harrison (my grandfather) of New Toronto and Nellie Madigan of 321 Brock Avenue. The Kelly family was originally from Oxford County.  They had 5 children together. Matthew worked as a Stationary Engineer for Dominion Bridge Company making sure that the machinery in the facility was running properly. Matthew lived with his family first on Brad Street, then Dundas Street West, and later at 318 Pacific Avenue across the street from St. Cecelia's Roman Catholic Church. Originally in the Town of West Toronto, it was a short streetcar ride down Dundas Street West to the Dominion Bridge Company located on Sorauren Avenue just south of Dundas Street West. 
  • Anne Esther (March 24, 1886 - April 7, 1905). According to her death registration Anne died of consumption after an illness of 2 years. She never married. 
  • James Francis (April 8, 1888 - 1948) m. Helen Teresa SANDFORD (1889-1975) 
  • William Joseph (October 3, 1890 - April 19, 1931) According to the 1911 census Bill was a linesman employed by the Hydro-Electric Power Commission of Ontario. According to his death registration record, William was listed as a Market Gardener. He died in St. Michael's Hospital on April 19, 1931 of tuberculosis meningitis, an inflammation of the brain. His sister told me that this was a result of an infection that developed after he had a number of teeth extracted. He never married. He is buried in Mount Peace Cemetery in Mississauga. 
  • Bridget (1892-?) 
  • John (Jack) Joseph (September 6, 1893 - May 26, 1922) According to his death registration he was an auto mechanic and died of a stroke. He never married. 
  • Martin Ambrose (October 28, 1895 - 1980) m. Madeline BOYCE (1895-?) at St. Cecilia's Roman Catholic Church on January 2, 1918.  They were both 22 years of age. Madeline was the daughter of Alex BOYCE and Mary FARLEY. Witnesses were William J. Harrison, Ambrose's brother and Evelyn Boyce. At the time Ambrose was living at 195 Perth Avenue and Madeline at 136 Edwin Avenue, Toronto. Madeline was born in New Westminster, British Columbia. They had 15 children. Ambrose worked for the Toronto Transit Commission as a streetcar driver. For a while Ambrose and his family were in the running for the big prize in the Great Stork Derby - an interesting tale of Charles Vance Miller who left the majority of this estate to the mother who had the most children within ten years of his death.  The contest ran from 1926 to 1936. The Harrison family did not win but were featured in an advertising campaign for Carnation milk products due to the publicity.
  • Mary Margaret Rita (September 10, 1901 - 1993) entered St. Joseph's Convent, Toronto in 1921 and became Sister Mary Caroline. Sister Mary Caroline was educated at the Toronto Normal School and taught in Catholic schools in Winnipeg, Manitoba and Ontario. She died on February 22, 1993 and is buried in Holy Cross Cemetery in Vaughan. 

6. James Francis (Frank) HARRISON (April 8, 1888 - January 31, 1948) m. Helen Teresa SANDFORD (November 14, 1889 - June 8, 1975) on June 15, 1926 at St. Theresa's Roman Catholic Church, New Toronto, York County. Frank was 36 years old and a railroad conductor. Helen was 35 years of age. Witnesses were William Harrison, Frank's brother and Madeline Sandford, Helen's sister. 
Frank went to work for the Grand Truck Railway (became the Canadian National Railway in 1923) where he eventually became a conductor. At the time his parents were living at the north east corner of Dixie Road and Dundas Street in Toronto Township (present day City of Mississauga) and he was working out of the Mimico Yards in the Town of New Toronto. This was too far to commute on a daily basis so he boarded at homes in New Toronto. In the 1911 census he is boarding at the home of James O'Neill on Sixth Street. In that year he listed his occupation as "trainman" with an annual salary of $720. He had $250 worth of life insurance for which his annual dues were $7.30.  By 1918 he was boarding at the home of Edward Sandford and Mary Coady on the north west corner of Seventh Street (present day Islington Avenue) and the Lake Shore Road (present day Lake Shore Blvd West).  He is also listed as living there in the 1921 census.  Today it is the TNT store. It was here that he met their daughter Helen and fell in love. They were married in 1926 and the new couple moved to a new home that they had built in the adjacent community of Mimico.  

They had two children: 
  • Francis Edward (Ed) Harrison (July 27, 1927 - February 10, 2012) Ed attended St. Michael's College School in Toronto, playing both hockey and football before beginning his professional hockey career with the Boston Bruins in 1947. He later played for other teams both in the NHL and other leagues before retiring from professional hockey in 1962. He then moved to Brantford, Ontario to raise his family. 
  • living 

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