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Family of Jane Harrison (1820-1901) and James Middleton (1811-1881)

James Middleton Farmhouse
Illustrated Atlas of Ontario County, 1877

Jane (1820-1901) married James MIDDLETON (1811-1881) on February 27, 1838 at St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church, Wildfield, Peel County.  No baptism has been found for her in the records of the Roman Catholic Chapel at Egton Bridge.

They then moved to Lot 28, Concession 6, Pickering Township, Ontario County (present day 3815 Sideline 28, Pickering). James paid to have a drawing of his farm included in the Illustrated Atlas of Ontario County, published in 1877.

James Middleton Farmhouse, Whitevale, Ontario
© Michael Harrison 2010

They had the following children:

• Mary A.
• Rebecca (1842-1905)
• James (1845-1926)
• Elizabeth (1848-1927)
• Jane (1849-1920)
• Rachel (1851-1938)
• Alice (1851-1945)
• John (?-1925)
• William (1859-1897)
• George (1861-1930)
• Annie (1861-1878)

Both Rachel and Alice were interviewed for the July 6, 1935 edition of the Toronto Star. The article entitled Twin Sisters Active at 85 - Close Together All Lives, indicated that they believed they were the oldest Ontario born twin girls. The article contains an interesting story of how their parents met:

The sisters are the daughters of the late Mr. and Mrs. James Middleton, who were pioneers in the Pickering district. Their father and mother came from England with their families when the father was 19 and the mother 11. They came on the same sailing vessel and the passage took 6 weeks. Later they were married and moved into what was then the bush on the 7th concession in Pickering, where the twin girls were born.

This means that the Middleton family was on the King William with the Harrison family when it left Whitby, North Yorkshire for Quebec in April 1831.

Jane confirmed this date when she indicated on the 1901 census that she came to Canada in 1831.

Middleton Family Plot - Whitevale Cemetery, Ontario
James Middleton, Jane Harrison and Annie, William and Mary Clark are buried here
© Michael Harrison 2010

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