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Family of Margaret Harrison (1814-1891) and George Jackson (1811-1874)

Margaret (1814-1891) was born on August 18, 1814 and baptised at the Roman Catholic Chapel at Egton Bridge on August 19, 1814.  Sponsors were William Hutchinson, Mary Hutchinson's brother and Agnes Readman (nee White), the wife of William Harrison's cousin John Readman, son of John Readman and Sarah Dowson.  

She married George JACKSON on June 28, 1836 at St. James Cathedral (Church of England) Toronto.  The timing of the marriage is interesting as it takes place shortly after the death of her father William Harrison on May 2, 1836.  More significant is that it was at the Anglican Church in Toronto and not in the Catholic Church.  Did they elope?  It is difficult to say but the circumstances certainly suggest that.   Even though they were married, there must have been pressure in the family for there to be a Catholic wedding. There must have been considerable discussion on this as they were not married in the Catholic Church until January 1837 suggesting that there was resistance on the part of George Jackson.  Once the decision was made they were not married in Margaret's home parish at St. Patrick's in Wildfield but in Toronto at St. Paul's Roman Catholic Church which no doubt involved discussions between the family, the local parish priest at St. Patrick's and officials at Toronto's main Catholic Church.  The records for St. Paul's indicate that the marriage was "rehabilitated" there on January 10, 1837.  It does not appear as if any members of the Harrison or Jackson family went to witness the event as the witnesses were Michael Lavell (who must have worked at the church as he was a frequent witness) and Bridget Lunny.  However, it is noteworthy that the entire family - including George - remained Catholic.  

The family appear in the 1852 Canadian census in Toronto Gore Township living in a log house.  A Thomas Jackson, aged 88 (at next birthday) (b.c. 1764/1765) is living with them which suggests he is George's father though this is uncertain given his age.  All of the family is listed as Catholic with the exception of Thomas Jackson who is listed as a member of the Church of England.  

The family again appears in the 1861 Canadian census in Toronto Gore Township and all are listed as Catholic.  Thomas Jackson, however does not appear with them and so he must have died sometime after 1852 though I have not been able to find a record of his burial.

George Jackson had a large farm in Toronto Gore Township just off The Gore Road at Castlemore.  George had 150 acres on the south side of the Castlemore Sideroad on Lot 10, Concession 9 and a further 50 acres on the north side of the Castlemore Sideroad on Lot 11, Concession 9.  George Jackson was well known for the quality of his sheep wool and won a number of prizes at the agricultural fairs in Toronto.

George Jackson Farm
Tremaine's 1860 Map of Peel County

Perkins Bull suggests that George Jackson immigrated to the US in circa 1866.  However, the immigration of the family to the United States can be dated by a letter from William Hewgill.  Written to his son William, and dated January 5, 1871, William Hewgill wrote that "George Jackson got Daniel to sell him 2 farms each 100 Acres, when the day came very few came to the Sale and he never got One bid.  Jackson wants to sell out and go to the States."  This is a rather awkward sentence but it appears that there were no bids at the auction of the property so George Jackson sold the farms to Daniel Hewgill.  

George and Margaret then left Canada and immigrated to the United States settling on a farm near Troy, Missouri, north west of St. Louis.  

Mysteriously George and Margaret and most of their family do not appear in the 1871 Canadian census.  Perhaps they were in the process of moving, or searching for a new farm in the US, when the census taker arrived in April 1871?  The noted exception to this was his son Thomas Jackson who appears in the 1871 census in Toronto Gore Township, Peel County with his family.

Searching the 1870 US census in Missouri I did find a George and Mary Jackson in Knot Noster, Washington Township, Johnson County.  Both are listed at 53 years of age.  Both were born in England.  This is at the opposite (west) end of the state where we know they lived.  Could it be them?   I note that this location is not mentioned in Margaret Jackson's obituary (below).  

Most of George and Margaret's family would immigrate to Missouri within a year or two, including Thomas who indicated that he came in 1872 in a later US census.  However their daughter Anne, who was married to Philip Eagan in 1866, and her sister Margaret who married Thomas Eagan in 1868 stayed in Canada with their families.

George Jackson died on October 5, 1874 and is buried in the Roman Catholic Sacred Heart Cemetery, Troy, Missouri. 

In the 1880 US census George, Alice and John are living with their widowed mother in Clarke Township, Lincoln County, Missouri.  Thomas Jackson and his family are also listed in the 1880 US census but in the adjacent Bedford Township, Lincoln County, Missouri on his own farm.

Margaret Jackson (nee Harrison) died on November 9, 1891 and was buried next to her husband at Sacred Heart Cemetery in Troy, Missouri.  Margaret's obituary in the November 13, 1871 edition of The Troy Free Press reads as follows:

JACKSON - At the home of her son-in-law Joseph Schaefer, near Millwood, Nov. 9, 1891, after a long illness of heart disease, Mrs. Margaret Jackson, in the 78th year of her age.  Deceased was born in Yorkshire, England, in June 1814, and came to Canada with her father's family when about 14 years old, settling west of Toronto.  Here she was married when 18, to George Jackson, to whom she bore ten children, eight of whom are living, as follows:  Two daughters in Canada, one in a convent in New Mexico and one, Mrs. Schafer, in this county; four sons, Wm., T.J., Geo. J and John, all living a few miles south of Troy.  About 20 years ago, Mr. and Mrs. Jackson came to Missouri from Canada, locating first on the Jones place, near Wright City; afterwards they rented the Sam Bird place and, while living there, the husband died.  In 1874, Mrs. Jackson bought the old Sydnor place, which was her home at the time of her death.  She was a member of the Catholic church for many years prior to her demise.  On Tuesday morning after services by Father Lemkes at the Catholic church in this city, her remains were laid to rest in the cemetery just south of town.  The family have our sympathy in their bereavement.

George Jackson and Margaret Harrison had the following children:
  • Anne (1837-?)  Interestingly Ann was baptized at St. Paul's Roman Catholic Church, Toronto on August 30, 1837 and not at St. Patrick's in Wildfield.  Anne obviously died later as they had another daughter Anne in 1843.  She is most likely buried at St. Patrick's Wildfield but the records for the cemetery are spotty at best.
  • William (1841-1901) – Was baptized at St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church, Wildfield on February 24, 1841 aged 2 weeks.  William never married.  He died in Troy, Missouri, USA in 1901.
  • Anne (1843-1923) - Was baptized at St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church, Wildfield on February 12, 1843, aged 2 weeks.  She married Philip EAGAN (1808-1878) in 1866. They had the following children:
    •  Mary Margaret Teresa (1867-1939) m. John MCDONAGH in 1885;
    • William Kearn (1868-1902) m. Heinna Jane MURPHY on June 19, 1894;
    • George Augustus (1871-1932) m. Hannah DOHERTY on June 22, 1904 – 3 children;
    • Francis J. (1873-1909) – never married. He died in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA but was buried at St. Patrick’s Cemetery in Toronto Gore Township, Peel County;
    • Thomas Philip (1875-1939) m. Madeleine NOONAN on January 27, 1915 at St. Vincent Roman Catholic Church, Bathurst Township – 7 children; and, 
    • Alice Amanda (1878-1951) - ?
  • Thomas (1845-1915) - Was baptized at St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church, Wildfield on May 11, 1845, aged 6 weeks.  He married 1. Janet Mary MCVEAN on October 16, 1869 at St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church, Toronto Gore Township, Peel County.  He indicated in the 1900 US census that he immigrated to the US in 1873.  They had the following children:
    • Janet Mary (1870-1893) married Robert WILKINSON on December 23, 1890;
    • Margaret Ellen (1872-?) married Charles ANDERSON;
    • George Archibald (1873-1940) married Cora SLEET;
    • Alice Maude (1875-1948) married William Edward VAN SICKLE on July 31, 1894;
    • Mary Vida (1877-1907) married Fred MEYER;
    •  Thomas Harrison (1880-1956) married Anna MEYER on October 17, 1926 and married Mary Catherine COSGROVE;
    • John Gordon (1880-1892); and
    • Lulu M. (189?- 1938) married C.A. (Bud) SMITH.
  • Janet MCVEAN Thomas' first wife died on August 24, 1893.
  • Thomas married his second wife Sabie Jane REYNOLDS on September 14, 1894 in Moscow Mills, Missouri, USA.  They had the following children:
    • Joseph Matthew (1898-1975) married Genevieve BOWLES;
    • Mary Lu (1900-1944) married Joseph O'HANLON
    • Reubin Leo (1909-1948); and,
    • Paul Francis (1908-1908) - lived one day.
  • Margaret (1847-1912) - Was baptized on March 14, 1847 at St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church, Wildfield, aged 6 weeks.  She married Thomas EAGAN on February 24, 1868 at St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church, Toronto Gore Township, Peel County – they lived in Tottenham, Simcoe County.  Children:
    • Margaret (1871-1945) m. John DEACON in 1893 – 9 children;
    • Nicholas (1873-1963) m. Catherine MCKENNA in 1883 – one adopted child;
    • Mary (1875-1954) – never married;
    • Anne (1877-1882) – died of diphtheria;
    • Catherine (1880-1956) m. James RONAN in Adjala Township, Simcoe County in 1909 – 5 children;
    • Elizabeth Vida (1882-1969) – entered convent in 1908 – Sister Mary Vida;
    • Thomas (1885-1976) m. Margaret Teresa WALSH at St. James Roman Catholic Church in Colgan? – 7 children;
    • James (1887-1973) m. Josephine O’CONNEL in 1924 – no children; and, 
    • Joseph (1889-1942) – never married
  • Mary Elizabeth (1849-1923) – Was baptized July 8, 1849 at St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church, Wildfield, aged 3 weeks old.  Mary entered Loretto Convent Nerinx, Kentucky, USA on August 15, 1873
  • George (1852-1852) - Was baptized April 13, 1852 at St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church, Wildfield, aged 3 months.  George died shortly thereafter and is buried St. Patrick's Cemetery, Wildfield, Toronto Gore Township, Peel County
  • George (1853-1930) - Was baptized June 26, 1853 at St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church, Wildfield, aged 6 weeks.  George married Mary MURPHY (1857-1929).  George indicated in the 1900 US census that he immigrated to the US in 1874.  They had the following children:
    • Maria Anglea (1889-1959) married William Patrick MCHUGH on February 22, 1916; and,
    • Alphonsus Legori (1891-1974) married Leona RUFFCORN on June 16, 1915.
  • Alice (1855-1917) - Was baptized June 4, 1855 at St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church, Wildfield, aged 1 month.  Alice married Joe SHAEFFER – 1 child
  • John Harrison (1859-1924) m. Ella Martha MURPHY (1867-1938) on November 23, 1887 in Troy, Missouri, USA.  John indicated in the 1900 US census the he immigrated to the US in 1871.  They had the following children:
    • Mary Elizabeth (1889-1949) married Michael Nicholas MCKINNEY;
    • Ida Cecelia (1891-1918) married Edward George RUPP;
    • Guy Victor (1893-1925) married Elsie Agnes Taylor (1899-1937);
    • John Bernard (1895-1958) - not married;
    • Charlie Claude (1897-1918) - killed in WWI in France; 
    • James Francis (1899-1964);
    • Ella Viola (1901-?); and,
    • Mildred Margaret (1907-?) married to Carl SCHALLER on November 23, 1935.

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